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[Udemy] The Complete Ethical Hacking Course Download

Protect yourself from hackers & cyberattacks. Learn penetration testing + build security and coding tools with Python.

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[Udemy] The Complete Ethical Hacking Course Download Free Tutorial Download

What will i learn?
  • Kali Linux Tools
  • Basic Linux Commands
  • Fundamental ethical hacking attacks & protection methods
  • Writing ethical hacking tools with Python
  • Website penetration testing
  • Wireless networks penetration testing

Curriculum for this course
1 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours
Download Section
1 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours
  • Here
  • Min 4GB of RAM for your computer
  • Optional: USB wi-fi card (Only for wireless password cracking sections, will show how to get one in course)
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Welcome to The Complete Ethical Hacking Course!

This is one of the most comprehensive Ethical Hacking Courses ever created online!

Across 30 hours of instructor-led content, you’ll learn:

How hackers launch attacks on different systems, computers, users, websites and wireless networks

What tools hackers use, why, and how they work

How to protect yourselves (or your clients!) against these attacks

How to build your own security and hacking tools with Python – taught from scratch and with no programming experience necessary!

How to create you own Ethical Hacking tool portfolio.

So that you can practice all the skills and techniques in real time, we start by setting up an ethical hacking lab on your computer. Here you can put the theory you learn to the test, and have a safe space to practice using hacking tools and attacks. We'll experience real time hacking examples, and learn how to protect ourselves against these attacks at the same time!

What else do I get?

Along with the course you’ll also receive for free the "The Complete Ethical Hacking Course Handbook", and $10 credit of at Digital Ocean (in order to build and practice within their online servers).

This course is brought to you by the most popular instructors in Udemy: Codestars by Rob Percival (>1.000.000 students) and Atil Samancioglu (>100.000 students). Atil Samancioglu teaches cyber security and programming courses on Udemy, and all across the world. His courses focus on taking you from beginner to master of your own security, and this course covers a huge range of vital topics, including but not limited to:


Dark Web

Kali Linux

Wireless network attacks and protection

Man In The Middle attacks and protection

Capturing screenshots

Beef Usage

Fake Game Website Attacks

Ubuntu Apache Server Installation

Social Media & Instagram Hacking and protection

Wireshark Analysis

Metasploit Usage

Maltego Usage

Social Engineering

Trojans & Backdoors


Website Pentesting

SQL 101

SQL Injection

XSS Vulnerabilities





Ethical Hacker Certifications

Tunneling Services

In related sections we are going to learn about subjects like Kali Linux, Wireshark, Maltego, net discover, MSFC, Trojan, Backdoor, Veil, Metasploitable, SQLi, MITMf, Crucnch, Meterpreter, Beef, Apache, nMap, SQLMap, Python, Socket, Scapy, Pynput, Keylogger etc. We are going to start with practical information without suffocating into details and make our way up with not neglecting theory at the end.

Is this course for you?

Yes! If you want to learn about Cyber Security and become an Ethical Hacker.

Yes! Because no prior experience of programming or Kali Linux is needed, we’ll teach you everything.

Important warning: This course only aims to teach for people who want to become Cyber Security Professionals, Ethical Hackers and Pentesting Specialists. All students should stay within legal boundaries in order to avoid any legal action against themselves.

[Udemy] The Complete Ethical Hacking Course Download

See what students have to say about Ethical Hacking courses of Atil:

" Narration of Atil is really successful, fluent and deeply detailed. Furthermore all terms and phrases are explained clearly. You can get clear explanations for your questions as well. Do not hesitate to take the course as you will see the benefit more than you expect!" - Metin

" Great course! You can feel the instructors experience and knowledge, comprehensive and beautiful! I got answers to my every question and succeeded in completing the course. Thanks, if you have any hesitation getting the course, do not think further and get it :)" - Omer

" I haven't seen such a good course before. You do not have to spend money on any other! I know Atil from Java & Kotlin courses and I follow him. I cannot thank him enough for sharing this information with us. I only expect to see more courses from him. He is the man!" - Ertugrul

" This course puts confidence in you and removes any negative opinion about succeeding in this topic. I cannot wait to see more!" - Eren

" Narration is simple and clear. No unnecessary sentences. Ordered sections, experienced instructor, makes you focus on the subject. Thanks!" - Servet

" Undoubtedly the best instructor in Udemy, the best and the most efficient course on Udemy" - Abdurrahim

" I'm a new Mac user and before even figuring out how to use it, I've decided to take this course. Even though I thought this was going to be very hard for me, I did not experience any difficulties at all. On the contrary my motivation and my excitement increased along the way. Atil explains it so well that nothing stays on the thin air. If you listen carefully and practice what he is saying you will get great knowledge that little people have. I recommend this course." - Emre

" This course is very good regarding to narration, information, experience. You can get it without any hesitation." - Ahmet

" Very good course. It combines everything you have been searching for on the internet. He explains everything sincerely and simply. I definitely recommend this. If you even have a little bit interest you should get this without thinking of it. You can find real examples in the content. Instructor does not hold back to share his knowledge at all. He explains it all. I hope the second version of this course comes out :) Thank you very much..." - Yunus

" All explanations are very understandable and clear, examples are live and useful. I congratulate Atil for telling this complex subject in a very simple matter." - Burak

" Instructor is unbelievably experienced, a real professional, knows every detail. He shares very precious information. You would not learn this stuff in years! Thanks." - Abdullah

Who this course is for:

Eager to learn ethical hacking once and for all

Looking forward to a career in cyber security

Want to learn Python programming for ethical hacking

Willing to write their own cyber security tools

Passionate for Kali Linux and general ethical hacking tools

Looking to enhance IT skills and be prepared for hacker attacks

[Udemy] The Complete Ethical Hacking Course Download

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