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James Van Elswyk – Nothing But Natives Download

Media buyers, affiliates, and ad agencies who are tired of banned accounts and looking to diversify their ad budget are given the rare opportunity to learn...

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James Van Elswyk – Nothing But Natives Download Free Tutorial Download

What will i learn?
  • This is for the beginner, the person that has never tried running ads on native and want to do it the right way, the first time.

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Nothing But Natives.

For the first and last time, some of the best native ad buyers will go live and teach you how to successfully and profitably run ads on native.

This is not a course. This is not a replay made to “look” live. These are three live virtual classes with a real Q & A session after each class.

This is for the beginner, the person that has never tried running ads on native and want to do it the right way, the first time.

Who Am I?

I’m James Van Elswyk And I love native ads.

I’m the founder of Purple Leads, Purple Ad Lab, and Geek Out Education.

So, why do I love native? Two reasons:

One: native is where I experienced my first big single day of profit ($32,567 to be exact). It has since become a staple platform to run all of my offers, including ecomm and lead gen.

Second reason: It allows me to scale at a high level without feeling stuck on Facebook.

However, native can be tricky to learn. Why?

Because Facebook’s algorithm is smart. Way smart. It knows what it wants and does most of the work for you.

Native wants foreplay. It wants you to get “in the trenches,” test, track, collect data, and then make informed decisions.

Why do you think I train all of my media buyers on native before they even look at a Facebook ad account?

Because once you learn native, you become a better media buyer. Everything else is easy.

However, there’s a right way and a wrong way to run ads on native.

I want to show you the right way. The way I wish I learned when I first started.

That’s why I’ve assembled two of the best native ad buyers currently running at scale on Taboola, Outbrain, Yahoo Gemini, and others.

One is my main media buyer and partner. I taught her from zero and now she’s better than me.

The other is the owner of the only agency I let run traffic for me. Any native source I don’t run internally, I let him run for me (that’s serious trust).

These native ad buyers are rarely talked about or seen on social network. My personal media buyer has never taught her madness before and she’s quietly scaling at a high level every single day.

And they’ve agreed to share what they do, so that you can confidently build, launch, and scale campaigns on native..

“We will give you the perfect step-by-step guide to native ads, including how to avoid all of the growing pains and losses that normally come with starting a new traffic source.”

What You’ll Take Away From The Training.

How To Properly Structure, Build, and Launch A Native Campaignicon

How To Optimize, Fine Tune, and Scale A Live Campaignicon

The Importance of Diversifying Your Portfolioicon

How To Structure Your Native Funnel To Monetize Every Clickicon

How To Interpret The Data To Make The Right Decisionsicon

What’s Working Right Now In The Native Spaceicon

How To A/B Test Everything Through The Funnelicon

Plus So Much More, Including:

The types of ads that work for native

The types of products that convert really well, and what offers tank (knowing this is half the battle when it comes to running your offers profitably)

How to create and place the pixel

What types of headlines work. This is where we dig into the levels of awareness and how to get your offer converting on cold traffic.

The strategy I use to find the sweet spot bids

The strategy I use to find the sweet spot bids

How to organize and structure campaigns so you don’t lose your mind and make bad decisions

How to set up tests to find winners fast, without losing money

How to use a tracker without it being an all day pain in the ass

And much, much more!

Learn How To Run Ads On These Platforms:

Your Teachers

“Collectively, we have spent 10s of millions of dollars in testing and figuring everything out, so that we can make it simple for you.”

Rita Sheredeko

Rita was my first hardcore media buyer and understudy and is now my partner on all my native businesses.

Rita is savage. She has done millions in profit across lead gen and e-commerce, including offers such as solar and golf clubs. Rita’s so good, now she teaches me.

Joe Burton

Owner of ROI Marketplace a native-based agency and a true vet when it comes to native.

He is the only agency I use when I can’t cover the work or traffic source by my internal team. I have given Joe lots of offers and he has been profitable on each one. He traffic source agnostic, spending millions of dollars across all kinds of natives directly or via DSP. He also crushes push notifications on the regular.

James Van Elswyk

I’m the founder of Purple Leads, Purple Ad Lab, and Geek Out Education.

Native is my home. It’s the place where I’ve tested and scaled all of my offers, and has been the saving grace when accounts get banned on FB.

Losid Berberi

CMO of TheOptimizer, leading automatic optimization platform used by hardcore native media buyers.

Losid has been achieving remarkable results on his own, as well as helped tons of native media buyers achieving high goals on auto-pilot. He’s part of one of the few teams I know that have run traffic for more than a decade, on almost every traffic source out there.

Class Structure

Intro To Native Ads

1. History of Natives

2. Why Natives

3. Difference between Facebook and Natives

4. How tracking works

5. Manual Buying Vs Algo dependent buying

6. What we track “variables”

7. What are funnels

8. Key terminology

Native Basics

1. Pixel Creation

2. Remarketing as a step 1

3. Whitelist Vs Run of Network

4. What Bids and budgets

5. What images and headlines to use

6. How to test

7. Audiences


Presells, Push and Yahoo

1. What are presells

2. Why and how to make / use presells

3. Examples and free templates

4. Presell Format Formula

5. Landing page CTR as an early indicator

6. Matching Traffic Sources to Offers / Products

7. Explanation of Yahoo Gemini and push notification media buying

Download James Van Elswyk – Nothing But Natives Download

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