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Beautiful, High-Converting Websites, Videos, Social Posts for Local Businesses in 3 Steps – No Design Skills Needed

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[Hot Share] Dawn Vu – Local Agency Fortune Free Download Free Tutorial Download

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Dear Marketing Entrepreneur,

I’m Dawn Vu. For the past 8 years, I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses in multiple industries around the world.

Basically, I partner up with businesses in their online marketing efforts. I have been creating websites, videos, funnels, etc. and getting these marketing assets to work together to bring results – leads and sales.

I also create marketing materials in various forms for other consultants. There are thousands of professionals who are using my products every day in their clients’ marketing campaigns.

When it comes to local marketing, choosing THE RIGHT MARKET TO TARGET and THE RIGHT SERVICES TO SELL can result in a much higher chance of success. 

Right Now, On This Page, You Will Find out How to Do Just That!

WITHOUT having to spend months doing extensive market research.

WITHOUT having to learn anything about coding, design or complicated software.

WITHOUT having to invest hundreds of dollars in creating marketing materials.

WITHOUT having to hire expensive coders and designers.

WITHOUT guessing what works and what doesn’t.

There Is a Surprising Fact That

Most Local Businesses Are NOT Doing Marketing The Right Way

Common Mistake #1: Not Having a Website or Using Outdated Designs

A beautiful, functional, responsive website is strictly required these days to be a business’s reception area, public relations face and salesperson on the internet.

Surprisingly, around 12 MILLION local businesses in the US Only don’t even have a website!

Even businesses that are PAYING for SEO or PPC are using poorly-designed pages to drive their valuable traffic to.

The pages they PAY to drive EACH AND EVERY VISITOR to don’t even have enough information that a potential customer needs.

That’s sad, but when someone needs a local service and comes to a website that has a lack of information or not eye-catching, they will leave instantly.

That’s a HUGE waste of money!

So when you do a search for a local business, go to a sponsored link and see an ugly web page, or don’t see their website in local directories, you know they need your help!

Common Mistake #2: Not Having a Video on Website

It’s NO secret that video is one of the best types of marketing content nowadays.

Having a video on website is a great way to engage website visitors, increase brand awareness, boost SEO results and drive more traffic.

Well, when you visit a contractor’s website and don’t find a video, you know they need your help!

Common Mistake #3: Ignoring Social Media

Social media is really popular among consumers these days.

It is one of the most effective channels to drive targeted traffic, increase brand engagement, build brand loyalty and listen to customers.

When you find a business name on Facebook and don’t see a page, or see one with little to no information, you know they need your help!

To Many Business Owners, It’s Not Because They Don’t Know About Modern Marketing…

… But Because They Can’t Afford a Good Marketing Agency


Because creating high quality marketing content can be HARD.

– A GOOD WEBSITE should provide all the necessary information, be visually appealing, have proper call-to-action, and look good on all devices.

– A GOOD VIDEO has to grab the attention, be informative & memorable, and provide a strong call-to-action while staying short and sweet!

– And A SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILE need to provide engaging, useful, good-looking content that is branded with the business and stay consistent all the time.

Such high-quality marketing materials may cost thousands of dollars to create, and usually goes way beyond most local business’s marketing budget.

What If You (Yes, YOU) Can Provide Professional Marketing Solutions

At a Reasonable Price that Every Local Business Can Afford?

It’s a HUGE opportunity, I can say. And I am here to make it possible for you!

I’ve spent the past few months to:

– Do market research and pick 10 types of businesses that have a huge demand for high-quality and affordable online marketing services

– Design 10 professional websites in for these businesses that can be installed in minutes. Each website has 2 home page options, inner pages, lead-generation form with all the content ready.

– Create 10 business promotion videos that match the style of the websites.

– Design 150 social media images for these businesses.

– Create a beautiful, functional agency website and 3 promotion videos to help promoting the services.

And Today, I’m Putting All of These Assets Together

And Giving YOU the Rights to Use to Your Business and Your Clients

So That You Can Set Up a Local Marketing Agency INSTANTLY!

Let Me Introduce You to My Latest Product

Local Agency Fortune

Local Agency Fortune is a system that helps you quickly provide 3 HOT marketing services – Website Design, Video Marketing and Social Media Management – to 10 types of local businesses: Bookkeeper, Financial Advisor, Insurance Agency, General Contractor, Remodeling Contractor, Electrician, Handyman, Painting Contractor, Carpet Cleaner and Pest Control

Beautiful, Functional Websites

Created with conversion in mind

High-Converting Promo Videos

Customize in minutes

Highly-Engaging Social Content

Build social media profiles quickly

Use for UNLIMITED Clients

No need to spend hundreds on marketing materials or outsourcing

Here Are the Details of What You Are Getting Inside

1. Local Business Websites

10 Local Business Websites in 10 Niches. Each website has 2 Home Page options, 1 Landing Page and 4 Inner Pages. Can be installed in less than 5 minutes to a WordPress site.


Financial Advisor

Insurance Agency

General Contractor

Home Remodeler




Carpet Cleaner

Pest Control

2. Local Business Videos

10 Local Business Videos – Edit Easily with PowerPoint



3. Social Media Images

150 Social Media Images for 10 Business Niches (15 Per Niche). Edit with Photoshop or a Free Online PSD Editor.

4. The Agency Website

Agency Website with Home Page, Landing Page and 4 Inner Pages




5. Prospecting Videos

3 Service Promotion Videos with easy-to-edit PowerPoint templates

Website Design

Video Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Get Local Agency Fortune Now!

Why Should You Start a Local Marketing Agency Right Now?

You Have a Huge, Hungry Market

As I said, it’s not difficult (actually easy) to do a Google search to find a business that has problems with their marketing.

– Those who show up in sponsored search results of Google for local keywords -but use outdated websites – need new website to increase conversions and get more leads with THE SAME money spent.

– Those who don’t have a video on website or don’t have a YouTube channel NEED videos to build credibility, traffic and ultimately, leads and sales.

– Those who are not active on social media NEED to be to engage with potential customers, increase brand recognition and build customer loyalty.

The targeted market is CLEAR, EASY TO FIND and EASY TO APPROACH!

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