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Game Development/Art : Create A 2D Action Game With Unity/C# Download

Game development & Game art/animation. Create a 2D top down shooter using Unity 2018, C# and Ps/Gimp. Download

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Game Development/Art : Create A 2D Action Game With Unity/C# Download Free Tutorial Download

What will i learn?
  • Learn how to sketch and paint 2D game characters.
  • Create awesome 2D game animations using Unity.
  • Make a player character that can move around an environment and shoot projectiles.
  • Code a customizable enemy wave spawner.

Curriculum for this course
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Download Section
1 Lessons 00:00:00 Hours
  • Here
  • Have Unity and some 2D application like Ps, Gimp, SketchPad or MS Paint installed on your computer.
  • Before starting this course you should understand the basics of Unity. Like saving scenes, navigating the interface, using the three basic manipulation tools (Translate, Rotate and Scale), create prefabs and add and modify components inside of the inspector.
  • You should have a strong understanding of the basics of C#, such as creating variables, modifying those and calling functions.
  • Have a strong desire to learn, have fun and create awesome games !
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You will learn how to build a realistic 2D action game using Unity, C #, and a 2D software like Photoshop or Gimp (any 2D modeling device you have built on your computer).

Here is a summary of the main lessons you know from completing here course: you'll first get a better grasp of what's required to finish a game between A and Z in Unity!

They render animations like moving loops, assault motion, idle animations and more. We create animations!

Get to learn how to build a player character who moves and shoots projectiles in C #!

Cree specific enemy play characters: the fighting brute who races up to the player easily and jumps to strike him. The spooky necromancer that calls for tiny, vicious skeletons to pursue the players.

Understand how to use action of state machines to create the unity multi-phase boss fight!

Create many guns that the player can equip against the various enemies of the game. And a grab for safety!

Create cool looking effects using Unity's particle system and 2D sprites!

Create fun sound effects using Audacity and then implement those inside of your game!

You'll learn how to make a nice main menu with responsive, animated UI!

Create smooth scene transitions using UI panels and animations!

Publish your finished game to Itch io, Newgrounds or Gamejolt!

 My brother and I have set up this course in order to express our passion for games and help others make their special dreams come true!

We taught the creation of teamwork, programming in the C # language, computer art and animations to young software developers. We have seen thousands of tutorials and are very popular with millions of developers, who thank us every day to support you with your journey!

We have not just produced lots of games of Unity, both 2D and 3D! We've rendered a number of games.

And we know how you can build a full, seamless experience from A to Z and want to give you the best resources and information to make sure you have the right experience.

Game Development/Art : Create A 2D Action Game With Unity/C# Download

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